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'Quilts for Troops: 520 and going strong!'
Capt. Bruno de Solenni

The Lighthouse Quilt Guild has embarked on a project to make quilts for wounded service personnel who have been transported to Landstuhl (pronounced "land stool") Regional Medical Center in Germany before being sent home or going back to the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan (or anywhere else). They arrive via the airport at Ramstein, Germany.

We can't take credit for the concept, but we have adopted it as our own. Several Quilt Guilds in Oregon are doing this for the Madigan Hospital in Washington state.

We launched this project at our annual Quilt Show in August 2007. The people who came to the show were invited to "design" a block, which we then sewed together to later be put into a quilt. It takes about 30 blocks to make each quilt. The youngest "designer" was 4 years old, and was very careful to pick out fabrics she thought a soldier would like. Ages of designers ranged upward into the 80's, men and women, boys and girls.

We provided cloth-covered boards (marked like tic-tack-toe) to each person, who chose from hundreds of precut squares of fabric to put into each of the nine squares on the board. We assured them that we would sew them into blocks exactly as they had selected. (We did, too!) We assembled 228 blocks in two days. There are no two alike. Different members of the Guild have taken blocks home to assemble into quilts.

Our Guild President mentioned that she had been talking about this project to her church friends, and a veteran came up to her and gave her a big hug to thank her (and us).

This is where the idea originated of inviting especially veterans and families of military personnel to participate.

We provide a donation container for the Red Cross. They are the ones who were able to find out which facility has the greatest need, and they will ship the quilts to Landstuhl RMC at no charge to us. It is the least we can do for them.

We are continuing this project. So far 520 quilts have been completed! The public is welcome to join us on Thursdays to design and sew blocks for more quilts. Please join us! We have a wonderful time!

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